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What we do

Helping families to take better decisions for Duchenne healthcare by collecting information and putting it in one place.


Engage and connect with the local and global Duchenne community to advance development in DMD healthcare

Contribute to the collection of validated information to promote Duchenne healthcare

Find practical information about support, care, and information, help identify and contribute to research projects

In Duchenne Map, all information is verified and guaranteed up-to-date

Be visible in the global Duchenne community, share knowledge and connect with peers and stakeholders

Your guide in finding reliable information to make better healthcare decisions.

Find and structure specialised DMD healthcare in a way that’s best for you. Access disease specific up-to-date information. All in one place.

Follow clinical trials and research projects through every stage. Direct contact with healthcare providers. Know where to find information to make healthcare decisions.

Create a personal healthcare journey by visualizing options. Eliminate misinformation. Share knowledge and educate yourself.

Access to everything you need to make better DMD healthcare decisions.